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Can Polly Polman overcome the fear and self loathing from her recent assault in order to let her one time love back in, especially when they’re trapped together and forced to admit the feelings between them?


I wouldn’t want to be trapped in an elevator with any man on a normal day, but to be stuck on one so soon after I was nearly brutally assaulted makes my skin crawl with panic. Even Elijah, sweet Elijah who’d been my TA back in college, makes me nervous.

But he doesn’t look at me with anything other than concern. He only wants to protect me. I’m not sure I’m ready to let another man in, but with Elijah, I’m willing to try.


Polly was the red haired vixen that used to haunt my dirtiest dreams back in college. I’d never been able to ask her out or make those dreams come to fruition but now seems like a second chance when she comes walking in the door as a new hire at Foster Media.

How can I make her see that my feelings for her are as true as they were back then? Especially when she trembles every time I am near. I have to show her that my touch will only bring pleasure and never pain. 

If you like a story about a heroine overcoming a dark past, you’ll love Polly’s story. Her book features a steamy second chance at love, a redemption for our leading lady and a chance at love for our hero and heroine. TW: mentions of assault (never directly mentioned, only alluded to.)

Sundown is a tiny town in the mountains of Smoky Mountains National Park. It may be a tiny town, but there’s plenty of room for love. The Polman siblings were born and raised in the wooded mountains nestled in the shadows of one of the most beautiful parks in America and they are determined to find love and bring it back home. The Mountain Man Protects is the sixth installment in the Sundown Series by June Abrams. 

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